Individualised Supports

What is one person at a time?

The Brothers of Charity aims to support people as Individuals to make individual choices about their life rather than choices as members of a group.

The interests, dreams and aspirations of people are not addressed by looking at the needs of a group and group based outcomes. Rather each person is an individual with their own interests, talents and wishes where supports and opportunities enable people to take charge of their own lives. Therefore each individual is best approached as one person at a time.

Given that the focus is on the individual rather than the group it operates on your life rather than your turn.

  • I have people who support me or who are important in my life. Don’t have to be paid staff.
  • I choose the work I want to do & get paid for it.
  • I choose where & with whom I live.
  • I manage my own money with help if I need it.
  • People who are important to me support me to live my life.
  • I’m getting a life in the community. I know people & people know me.
  • People listen to me and know what I want.
  • I live the life I choose.
  • I’ve got “”say so”.
  • I choose my own supports & know how to get them.
  • I plan & choose what I do every day.

For a person to live the life they choose, we are moving towards a vision that guides and nurtures our thinking about opportunities and supports where:

  • Individuals control their own lives and are the authors of their own vision for their life.
  • Support is individually tailored to ensure that people have a good life.
  • Money is close to the individual (concept of individualised funding).
  • Family & friends have a vital role to play.
  • Support is designed by and with the individuals themselves.
  • Individuals live ordinary lives doing ordinary things in an inclusive community.
  • Supports and experience are best delivered by an individual’s natural support networks to keep them connected to and within their family and local community.

“The greatest good you can do
to another person
is not just to share your riches
but to reveal to him his own”
Benjamin Disraeli

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