Staff join the Single Purpose Service Pension Scheme (SPSPS) when they commence employment with us. Membership encompasses every status of employment be that permanent, temporary, part-time, locum, and so on. People who were employed prior to the 1st January 2013 joined the Nominated Health Agencies Superannuation Scheme (NHASS). The Schemes are integrated with the State Contributory Pension, and pensions are indexed.

Further Information
For further details of the Schemes you should consult the pension scheme guides. You may download a PDF copy of the pension scheme guides here:

SPSPS (file size 530KB)

NHASS (file size 410KB)

You are free to print off part or all of a guide as you wish. Please note that from time to time there will be revisions and updates to the guides and to the pension scheme rules.

To view and print PDF files, you will need Adobe Reader which can be downloaded free from the Adobe Website.

For further information contact the Human Resources Department at (090) 6628500

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