Positive Behaviour Support

It might not feel like it, but all behaviour has a meaning!  The job of the behaviour support team is to try and figure out what the person is trying to communicate when things are difficult.  We then try teach people more effective ways of saying what they want to say.  We want everybody in Roscommon who experiences difficulties because of their behaviour to have a behaviour support plan.

A behaviour support plan should show how;

  • to adapt the environment to get a better fit with what the person needs
  • to teach the person more effective ways of communicating
  • to ensure that appropriate communication is better for the person than difficult behaviour
  • to react to behaviour with safety and respect

The behaviour support team works with families and staff to;

  • design behaviour support plans and help put them in place
  • organise crisis response
  • support the mental health of people who use our services
  • give training in behaviour intervention
  • replace restrictive practices

For more information, just get in touch with Dawn Hunt anytime on (090 6628500)

We are here to help.



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