Role of Early Intervention Nurse

Role of Early Intervention Community Nurse

The Early Intervention Community Nurses work as part of the multi – disciplinary Early Intervention Team, who provide a family centred Service for children with additional needs who reside in County Roscommon.

The Community Nurses provide a flexible home-based service for children from birth to pre-school age, at which stage the child transitions to a pre school service.

The following areas are focused on:

  • Supporting Parents to recognize the priorities central to their family and child.
  • Supporting parents in achieving the priorities that they have identified.
  • Developing and implementing developmental Programmes following
    continuous assessment in developmental areas of cognition, fine motor, gross motor, communication, independence and socialization.
  • Supporting parents to carry out these Programmes by providing play based
  • home activities and thereby
    assisting parents to enhance their child’s development and help children to reach their potential.
  • Promoting good health care and assisting with medical issues.
  • Enhancing parenting skills and providing opportunities for training.
  • Liaising with other professionals involved with the child and family.
  • Providing advice with regard to placement at pre-school age, and helping to Transition children to Preschool Service
  • Facilitate medical clinics with the Community Pediatrician.
  • Providing Parent and Baby/Parent and Toddler Groups. This involves facilitating ‘Nurturing Hands’ – our Infant Massage Groups, linking families with local community Groups and where appropriate providing Early Intervention Groups.

The aim of the Early Intervention Groups are to help your child develop communication, play, gross motor and social skills in a fun setting.

They also provide an opportunity for parents to meet and support each other.
Contact Early Intervention Community Nurses @ 09066 28500
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