Children’s Respite & Family Support Service

Model of Service in Sycamore
Sycamore is a well established children’s respite service that is run by The Brothers of Charity Services, Roscommon Ltd.

Sycamore is staffed using a Nursing, Care Assistant & Family Support model. The model is provided by experienced staff members. Each of the young people using the service have a key worker that they are supported to chose by themselves.

The young people that receive support from Sycamore have moderate to severe intellectual difficulties. Some have high medical needs also. The service is very flexible and adapts to the changing needs of the young people. This involves staff meeting the high needs of the young people in their own homes on a regular basis.

Management & Co-ordination
Sycamore is led by the staff themselves. This is supported by two co-ordinators who co-ordinate Sycamore alongside additional services in South Roscommon.

The Co-ordinator, Social Worker & key workers work in partnership in co-ordinating circles of support around the Individuals that avail of supports from Sycamore. Multi-disciplinary support is also provided to the young people & families in Sycamore.

The Family are central in supporting the young people in Sycamore. The staff work in complete partnership with the families to ensure that their son/daughter receives the best possible supports and more importantly to live the best possible life.

For more Information contact:

Benny Cunningham, Co-ordinator



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