Human Rights

What is Rights Based Approach?

People with disabilities have the same rights as all other citizens.

This organisation’s approach to rights begins with the belief that people with disabilities have the same rights, as all people. With assistance people can and will exercise these rights.

Our emphasis is on a person’s individual rights. The focus has shifted from taking care of people to encouraging people to take control and responsibility for themselves.

The staff role has shifted from care-giver and protector to support person and community connector.

Teaching people to understand their rights and providing supportive opportunities to exercise their rights is a key element of this role.

Rights Review Committee
The Rights Review Committee meet monthly and is established to help ensure that the rights of people served are protected. The committee review practices and policies. It advises and supports staff and management about the protection and promotion of rights.

The role of the Rights Review Committee is to ensure due process. This involves independent consideration, review of rights restrictions, and the path to restoring rights.

The Committee membership includes staff, people receiving services, family representation and community representation. To ensure objectivity at least one third of the membership is drawn from outside of the organisation.

Referral to the committee is made by staff completing a Referral Form. Service users and staff can contact committee members directly. Completed Forms should be sent to Pauline Hyne, Brothers of Charity Services, Lanesboro Street, Roscommon.

Staff Committee Members
Dawn Hunt (090) 6628500
John Armstrong (071) 9663146
Rita Moynihan (087) 6813682
Pauline Hynes (090) 6628500

Staff Committee members can be contacted during working hours, if you have any queries, or require information or clarification.

Examples of Rights Issues

  • I want to have a key to my own home.
  • I want to choose the work I do and get paid for it.
  • I want to manage my own money
  • I want to go to the pub with my friends
  • I want to choose what time I go to bed at.
  • I want to go to the shops or places in my community on my own.
  • I want to choose where and with whom I live.
  • I want to go on a weekend break with my girlfriend / boyfriend.

Further Information
Lanesboro Street, Roscommon
Tel (090) 6628500        Email:

AdobeRights, Protection & Promotion Policy 2007 (PDF – 143KB)

“Where after all, do universal
human rights begin?
In small places, close to home-
so close and so small that they
cannot be seen on any maps of the world.
Yet they are the world to the individual person;
The neighbourhood he lives in;
The school or college he attends;
The factory, farm or office where he works.
Such are the places where every man, woman and child
seeks equal justice, equal opportunity,
equal dignity without discriminiation.
Unless these rights have meaning there,
they have little meaning anywhere”
Eleanor Roosevelt

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