The Brothers of Charity Services is an international, voluntary religious organisation founded in Belgium in 1807, by Canon Peter Triest. The Brothers of Charity opened their first services in Ireland in 1883 to provide for mental health needs.

In 1938 they started to develop services for people with an intellectual disability and their families. These services grew steadily over the years, so that today the Congregation is the largest provider of services for people with an intellectual disability in Ireland.

The Brothers of Charity Services started in Roscommon in 1975 in Ivy House, Castlerea. Since then it has grown to provide services to all age groups of people who have an intellectual disability and autism.

There are 296 people with intellectual disability on the Department of Health database in Co. Roscommon. Our service development and delivery has as its own Vision which is summarised in the following statement:

“The Brothers of Charity Services, Roscommon values people’s freedom and dignity. We support people in discovering their personal vision and in living the lives they choose”.

This vision places us very much in the community where we emphasize mainstreaming, independence, and community involvement.

Our service development is also strongly influenced by a person-centred approach whereby individual people’s needs for services are recorded through individual plans, which then influence how services are developed.

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