The BOC Roscommon are committed to supporting people to live inclusive lives. We support many different models of supporting people to live in her own homes. One such way is supporting a HOUSEMATE arrangement whereby someone simply shares a house with a person that experiences a disability. In return for minimal support such as helping with bills and generally sharing the house like any other housemate, the person will have to pay a very minimal rent. It is a great opportunity for someone to participate in a positive initiative and gain valuable experience. We are currently looking for some housemates to share high end accomodation in the Monksland area of Athlone. Please contact  Kieran on 087-9576022 or Open Doors on 087-2670405 for more details!!!

Look at the Home section on the front page of our website to see more information on how we are developing innovate models of supporting people to live inclusive lives….

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