Finance Department

The Finance Department advises on the economic health of the Services.  The Department designs, implements and maintains a financial reporting and budgetary control system for the services and coordinates payroll, accounts, expenses, treasury functions, management and financial accounts for the services, staff members and service users.  The Department is responsible for meeting all financial statutory and non-statutory regulations including regulations prescribed by The Revenue Commissioners.

ICT Services

ICT Services team compromises of IT support and business application development teams.  The IT Support team are responsible for the maintenance of all server and end user computer hardware, network connectivity, telecommunications equipment, user based software packages and associated services with the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – Galway Region.  The business application development team design, implement and maintain all business software systems for the 6 regions of Brothers of Charity Services Ireland.

Research Projects involving the Finance and ICT Departments:  None at present.

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Contact Details

Seamus Durkin – Head of Finance,

Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – Galway Region,

Woodlands Centre,



Tel: 091-721400