Psychiatry Services

The Psychiatry Service is based in Woodlands, Galway and is provided by one Consultant Psychiatrist and two psychiatric non consultant hospital doctors (NCHDs).  The NCHDs rotate through the service as part of their general professional training.

The psychiatry service aims to provide comprehensive diagnostic/assessment, treatment and long-term management of psychiatric disorders and severe challenging behaviour, to service users who require these supports.  The service is provided primarily to adults with all degrees of intellectual disability.  The service commitment is to counties Galway and Roscommon and also to service users who receive a service from Ability West.  Where feasible, a service is provided as part of a multidisciplinary team with family involvement.

Referrals to the service are from another medical practitioner. They may be through General Practitioners, hospitals, and/or other relevant practitioners in addition to information from a staff member familiar with the Service User if appropriate.  An initial assessment of the person’s needs is carried out.  Access is based on the needs of the person, the suitability of the service to meet those needs and the availability of services.

Any complaint regarding any aspect of the service can be discussed in the first instance with the employee providing the service or the Manager of the service.  Formal complaints should be made in writing to the Director of Services.  Please follow the link below for further information on how to make a complaint.

Complaints Management Policy (2003-06 reviewed 2015) (1)

A Research Project, ‘Perception of siblings of people with autism of the impact of Challenging Behaviour’ has received approval from the ethics committee and will commence shortly.

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