Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is a health care profession that aims to promote mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential for people throughout their lives.

People of all ages are referred to Physiotherapy, from newborns to elderly, who have health-related conditions that limit their ability to move and perform functional tasks as well as they would like in their daily lives. Physiotherapy involves personal interaction with the people requiring services, families, relevant personnel, and communities. Physiotherapists assess and diagnose movement potential and agree goals for the person receiving a service.

Physiotherapists working in the area of intellectual disability require an ability to merge specialist skills and experience, including specialist areas such as neurology, orthopaedics, respiratory care, paediatrics, care of the elderly, orthotics, postural management, prescription of equipment, and relevant treatment techniques.

Physiotherapy in Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – Galway Region.

The Physiotherapy Department as part of multidisciplinary teams, provide support services to people who avail of BOC Services Galway and their families.  They provide assessments, recommendations, and therapy to a wide range of people and age groups, in a variety of settings. People referred for physiotherapy within the services may have specific physical or intellectual disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, chromosomal or genetic conditions.  Other people referred may have developmental and gross motor delays, co-ordination and balance difficulties.   Some people may have difficulties with walking or require intervention post-surgery or following a fracture.

Services are provided to specific areas:

  • Early Intervention Services:  Working as part of multidisciplinary and interagency teams, with Springtime Early Intervention Services, a partnership between the BOC Services Galway, Enable Ireland and the HSE, we deliver services to young children from birth to six years of age across Galway city and county. We work closely with families, pre-schools, and schools to promote function and independence for children with complex disabilities referred to the team.
  • School Age Services:  We work as part of multidisciplinary teams providing services to children of school going age. These services are delivered in a variety of locations, including the home environment, clinic bases, mainstream or special schools. Programmes and recommendations are made as part of the team input with family and school.
  • Adult Services:  People are referred for physiotherapy when a mobility related issue is identified by a person who uses the Services, family member or staff . Each person is individually assessed and recommendations made accordingly. Physiotherapy can be carried out in one-to-one or group-based sessions. As part of our role, physiotherapists work closely with families and staff to ensure that optimum carryover of identified goals are facilitated. Where feasible, demonstration of techniques are incorporated into physiotherapy sessions.

The Physiotherapy Department aims to provide a quality service to people with mobility issues of all ages. Working with families and teams is an integral part of our work to deliver an effective service which can have a beneficial impact on people’s lives. We aim to involve all key members of a person’s life to provide services in a meaningful and family-focused way.

Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles and Preventative Strategies:

Some of the main goals within the Physiotherapy Team are;

  • Provision of timely services to enhance people’s participation in their daily lives.
  • The promotion of healthy and active lifestyles, thus enhancing the quality of service users lives and prevention of debilitating conditions.
  • The provision of information on Falls Prevention and Management including Bone Health.

Access to the Physiotherapy Service is open to people currently availing of the BOC Galway Services. Referrals are based on the needs of the person, the suitability of the service to meet those needs and the availability of services and resources. An initial assessment of the person’s needs is carried out and services prioritised.

Currently referrals to Springtime, Early Intervention Services, may be made through relevant health care professionals, other agencies, hospitals and/or other individuals/services.

Any complaint regarding any aspect of the service can be discussed in the first instance with the employee providing the service or the Manager of the service.

The Early Intervention service aims to provide a high quality, responsive service to children and their families in so far as it is possible. They invite families within the service to bring to their attention any comments, compliments and/or complaints you may have. This can be done verbally, by letter or by filling out the ‘Your Service Your Say’ form, which is available through your keyworker or any team member. Feedback is very important as it helps the Early Intervention Team to learn and understand what is important for you and your child.

Further information on any of the Springtime Early Intervention Policies, Procedures,

Protocols and Guidelines are available to you on request.

Comments, compliments and/or complaints from individuals / family members receiving a service other than from the Early Intervention Team should follow the link below for information and forward any formal complaints, in writing, to the Director of the BOCSI -Galway Region.

Complaints Management Policy (2003-06 reviewed 2015) (1)

Research Projects involving the Physiotherapy Department:  None at present.

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Contact Details

Katie Hughes – Physiotherapy Manager,

Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – Galway Region,

Woodlands Centre,



Tel: 091-721406






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