Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy focuses on enabling people to engage in meaningful everyday activities.  The Occupational Therapist assesses the abilities of the person in the areas of Self-Care (e.g. feeding, dressing, toileting), Productivity (e.g. play development, education, work activities), and Leisure (e.g. activities for enjoyment).  The aim of occupational therapy is to facilitate achievement of optimum independence and quality of life for the service user, through developing skills, adapting the activity or environment, or using specialized equipment.  Occupational Therapy is provided across both children and adult service areas.

The Occupational Therapy department in the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – Galway Region (BOCSI) is a small but dynamic department.  Services are provided across a wide range of age groups and settings, from children to adults, and from centre-based services to community-based services.  The Occupational Therapists work within and across multi-disciplinary teams.  Within Adult services, Occupational therapy is currently provided to people who reside within the services and/or people who attend BOCSI Galway Region day services.  Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to offer services to people within Aftercare services due to limited staff resources.  In relation to children of school-age, we liaise across their educational settings.  BOC Occupational Therapists work on inter-agency teams in the provision of early intervention services i.e. service delivery to children under 6 years of age with Springtime Early Intervention Services.

In order to access the occupational therapy service, an adult or school-age child must first be referred and admitted to the BOCSI – Galway Region. Please click on below link for further admission information.

Policy on Admissions, Transfers and Discharges (2015) (1)

Subsequent to this, referrals to the service may be made by the individual service user, a family member, staff members, health care and medical professionals, educational professionals, other services/agencies linked with the individual, once the individual and/or family member has agreed to the referral.  An initial assessment of the person’s needs is carried out.  Access is based on the needs of the person, the suitability of the service to meet those needs and the availability of services.

Children under 6 years must be admitted to the Galway Springtime Early Intervention Services to access occupational therapy services within inter-agency teams.

Any complaint regarding any aspect of the service can be discussed in the first instance with the employee providing the service or the Manager of the service.  Formal complaints should be made in writing to either the Occupational Therapy Manager or the Director of Services.

Complaints Management Policy (2003-06 reviewed 2015) (1)

Research Projects involving the Occupational Therapy Department :  None at present.

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Contact Details

Anne Yore – Occupational Therapy Manager,

Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – Galway Region,

Woodlands Centre,



Tel: 091-721400

Email: anne.yore@bocsi.ie



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