Springtime Early Intervention Services

Springtime Early Intervention Service is provided in a partnership between the Health Service Executive (HSE); Brothers of Charity Services Galway; and Enable Ireland.  The service is managed by the Early Intervention Manager and delivered via four network teams in County Galway.  These teams provide multidisciplinary services for children with a disability aged between birth and 6 years of age.

For more information please contact Springtime Early Intervention Services Manager 091 872762


Community School Age Services

The Community School Age Service is a multi-disciplinary service supporting children from 6 to 18 years with an intellectual disability who attend mainstream primary and secondary schools.  Some of the children supported attend special classes while others attend regular classes with some additional supports such as Learning Support Teaching, Resource Teaching and/ or a Special Needs Assistant.  A small number of children are educated at home.

Currently there are two Community School Age Teams in County Galway, one based in Galway City and the other based in Ballinasloe.  Work is on-going as part of the National Progressing Children’s Disability Services Framework in preparation for the re-alignment of school age multidisciplinary supports.  The plan is that the multidisciplinary services to children of school age will be delivered through four teams in an inter-agency model comprising staff from Brothers of Charity Services, Ability West, Enable Ireland and the HSE.

For more information please contact – 091-721400