Fairlands Child Development Centre (CDC)


Fairlands CDC provides an educational service to children with significant intellectual disabilities from 3 to 5 years of age, many of whom are on the Autism Spectrum. The duration of a child’s placement in Fairlands is based on an assessment of their needs. When a joint placement with a child’s local mainstream preschool is indicated as the most suitable, we will endeavor to support families for this to happen.

Each child has an ‘Individual Education Plan’ (IEP) and Personal Outcomes goals. Goals are drawn up based on their present abilities, the wishes of the family and learning objectives. Other programme areas covered are cognitive skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language and communication skills, social skills, play skills, interpersonal & personal skills and self-help skills. A typical day is from 10am-2pm.  Fairlands CDC is managed by a team leader and staffed with nurse educators, teachers, special needs assistants and care staff when required.

Fairlands team also include members of the Early Intervention Service (including Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy and Social Work).  All of the team involved with the child work collaboratively to provide an individual programme focused on the child’s strengths and needs.

We aim to encourage inclusion and participation at all levels within Fairlands, not only from parents and family members but also from the wider community.

Located in The Gables, Woodlands Centre, Renmore, Fairlands CDC as a Pre-School element of Rosedale School has been in partnership with the Department of Education and Skills since 1998 and is under the joint management of the Brothers of Charity Services and the Department of Education and Skills.

Fairlands falls under the inspection remit of the Pre-School Inspections and as such has been subject to several inspections – please click on the link below to view the most recent report from the Pre-School inspection and / or contact the Team Leader for access to these reports



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Fairlands CDC falls under the inspection remit of the Department of Environmental Health and as such has been subject to several inspections – please contact the Team Leader to request to view the most recent inspection report.

Research Projects involving Fairlands CDC:  None at present.


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Contact Details

Helen Mulroy – Team Leader,

Fairlands CDC,

Tel: 076 1064803