John Paul Services


 John Paul Services comprises of 3 residential houses, 4 apartments (some of which have integrated day programmes), a respite house and 4 stand alone day centres.

The residential houses provide full-time residential accommodation for a maximum of six individuals per house. The respite house provides short breaks for 12 individuals, accommodating a maximum of 5 per night.  The houses are managed by Team Leaders and staffed with either or both nursing and social care staff depending on the needs of the individuals residing there. We aim to provide a homely environment for the people we support, encouraging them to make real choices over the day-to-day issues that are a part of all our lives. We aim to facilitate service users to take part in the activities that matter to them, such as keeping in contact with family, pursuing social interests, and engaging with and contributing to their local community of Galway City.

Each individual in receipt of Disability Allowance, Blind Pension or similar payment will contribute a specified amount towards accommodation and daily expenses of the household, e.g. Utility Bills, food and on-going maintenance.

John Paul Residential Services are Designated Centres under HIQA regulations.  These are Maples, Brambley Apartments and Eden House Services. For more information on each designated centre or to view the most recent HIQA report, please contact the Team Leader.

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The 4 day centres, Shalom, St Johns, St Pauls and Meadowview are located in Galway City, and provide day programmes for adults with a substantial intellectual disability. The aim of the Day Services, whether stand alone or integrated, is to offer a varied and stimulating day programme for all adults who attend. We promote a positive environment where each individual feels secure and happy in a modern, person-centred Day Service. Activities are planned on an individual basis, with the emphasis on new challenges and opportunities. We promote independence and freedom of choice to enhance each individual’s quality of life.

The Day Centres are managed by a Team Leader and staffed with nurses, social care workers and care assistants.  Volunteers play a vital role in supporting individuals, and there is one individual employed under the ‘Lets get to Work’ Project.

Shalom This is a Day Service which facilitates 6 individuals with high support needs. The staff team is a mix of nursing and care assistants. Activities undertaken by the service users are individual to their specific needs and include physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, multisensory and massage sessions. Augmentive communication systems are in place and social and community activities are also carried out

St Johns This Day Service facilitates 3 individuals.  The programme includes community and social integration activities such as walking and using local amenities such as forest parks. Individuals also enjoy swimming, multisensory sessions. Augmentive communication systems are also in place.

St Pauls This Day Service facilitates 6 individuals. These individuals enjoy a range of activities including swimming, art, multisensory sessions, massage and reflexology. Some individuals contribute to community facilities by helping out in the local crèche and café

Meadowview This Day Service facilitates 6 individuals on a full time basis and 4 on a sessional basis. Activities undertaken are Art, swimming, Jacuzzi sessions, cooking and baking, social and community activities. Augmentive communication systems are in place.

For admission / application information please click on the link below.

Policy on Admissions, Transfers and Discharges (2015) (1)

For information on how to make a complaint please contact the Team Leader or click on the following link.

Complaints Management Policy (2003-06 reviewed 2015) (1)

Research Projects involving John Paul Services:  None at present.

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Contact Details 

Area Manager – Aoife O’Donohue 091 783640

Service Coordinator – Helen Lawrence 091 783684