Clarenmore Services

Clarenmore Services comprises of Corrib Residential Services (3 Residential Houses and 5 Apartments), a Supported Independent Living Programme (15 Apartments) and 2 Day Centres.

The residential houses/apartments provide full-time residential accommodation for a maximum of six individuals per house and one individual per apartment. The houses are managed by Team Leaders and staffed with Social Care Staff.  We aim to provide a homely environment for the people we support, encouraging them to make real choices over the day-to-day issues that are a part of all our lives. We aim to facilitate service users to take part in the activities that include social and recreational in their local community.

Each individual will contribute towards accommodation charges and daily expenses e.g. Utility Bills, food and on-going maintenance.claren2

Corrib Residential Services is a Designated Centre under HIQA regulations. For more information on the service provided by Corrib Residential Services, please contact the Service Coordinator to view the Statement of Purpose or the most recent HIQA report.

For more information on HIQA please click on the link below.

The Supported Independent Living Programme (SILP) aims to support and develop independence

and community living. The SILP provides a service based on mutual respect that builds confidence.

The SILP supports learning and decision making and promotes empowerment for each of the people who use the service. The SILP team ethos is based on: Listening to what each individual wants. Developing individual plans focusing on the needs of the person using the service. Ensuring that each individual is involved in all aspects of decision making about their lives.

The day/ resource centres, Clarenmore and Glenina are located in Galway City, and  provide day programmes for adults with a mild and moderate intellectual disability. The aim of each Service is to offer a varied and stimulating day programme where choice is central for all who attend. We aim to promote a positive environment where each individual feels secure and happy in a modern, person-centered Day Service. Activities are planned on an individual basis, with the emphasis on new challenges and opportunities. We promote independence and freedom of choice to enhance each individual’s quality of life.


Individuals in the Day Centres are invited to partake in a variety of programmes supported by Teachers, Instructors, Supervisors, and Care Staff.   A number of our day programmes are grant funded by Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB) and Galway City Arts Council and Department of Social Protection.

Clarenmore Centre – Clarenmore Centre is located in the Ballybane Enterprise Centre. The centre supports adults with Intellectual Disability over the age of eighteen in areas of vocational, education, social and leisure programmes. As part of our vocational training programmes, service users are supported to gain employment and volunteer roles in the wider community.

The Day Service:

  • Provides a high quality of support that is responsive to the individual needs of the person.
  • Is in line with New Directions (HSE Day service standards), we aim to provide a varied programme with a focus on individualized services.
  • Is an environment for safe risk taking that supports each individual to reach their full potential.
  • Focuses on learning through everyday activities and creating an awareness of the local environment and community.
  • Provides opportunities for the development of life and work skills through interaction in a business model through our picture framing enterprise.

claren6clare7Programmes delivered from the Clarenmore Centre include:

  • Picture Framing Enterprise
  • Art Projects
  • Craftwork
  • Industrial contract work  Music and literature
  • Drama
  • Cookery
  • Relaxation
  • Social outings
  • Supported employment
  • Swimming


Special Olympics participation – Soccer, Golf and Horse Riding

Ballybane Community Garden Project

Glenina Day Programme was set up in 2014 and caters for up to seven individuals over the age of fifty. Programmes in Glenina are offered based on individualised choice which include – pottery, relaxation, swimming, walking, art, gardening, community outings such as trips to town, bingo with the local community and active retirement groups.

For admission / application information please click on the link below – link to admissions policy.

Policy on Admissions, Transfers and Discharges (2015) (1)

For information on how to make a complaint please contact the Team Leader or click on the following link.

Complaints Management Policy (2003-06 reviewed 2015) (1)

Research Projects involving Clarenmore Services:  None at present.

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Contact Details

Area Manager – Hugh O’Donnell  091 751029

Service Coordinator – Gillian Raftery 091 782544