Deerpark Services

Deerpark Services comprises of 6 Residential Houses, 1 Respite House and 6 Day Centres.

Some of the residential houses provide full-time accommodation, some close for holiday periods. The Respite House provides a short break for up to 19 individuals, accommodating a maximum of 4 per night.  The houses are managed by Team Leaders and staffed with either or both nursing and social care staff depending on the needs of the individuals residing there. We aim to provide a homely environment for the people we support, encouraging them to make real choices over the day-to-day issues that are a part of all our lives. We aim to facilitate service users to take part in the activities that matter to them, such as keeping in contact with family, pursuing social interests, and engaging with and contributing to their local community of Ballinasloe.

Each individual in receipt of Disability Allowance, Blind Pension or similar payment will contribute a specified amount towards accommodation and daily expenses of the household, e.g. Utility Bills, food and on-going maintenance.

Deerpark Residential Services are Designated Centres under HIQA regulations.  These are Deer, Ballin, Acorn and Ashtree Services. For more information on the services provided please contact the Team Leader to view the Statement of Purpose for each Designated Centre or to request a copy of the HIQA report.

Please click on the link below for more information on HIQA.

The day centres, Rainbow Services, TOPE RT, TOPE Resource, Fia Nua, View Point and Caro are located in Ballinasloe, and provide day programmes for adults. The aim of the Service is to offer a varied and stimulating day programme for all adults who attend. We promote a positive environment where each individual feels secure and happy in a modern, person-centred Day Service. Activities are planned on an individual basis, with the emphasis on new challenges and opportunities. We promote independence and freedom of choice to enhance each individual’s quality of life.

The Day Centres are managed by team leaders and dependent on the needs of the service users are supported by either nurses, supervisors, social care workers and/or care assistants.  Some of the programmes offered are supported by volunteers and either grants and/or staff from the following schemes; Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board, Galway City Arts Council, Tus-Community Work Placement Scheme and Community Employment Schemes, the last two of which are ran by the Department of Social Protection.


CARO- Stands for Choices and Real Outcomes

CARO provides a service to four individuals who have high support needs. We work as part of a multidisciplinary team including Psychiatry, Speech and Language, Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Social Work. Daily programmes are individualised and include: gym, work experience, volunteering with Meals on Wheels and the GSPCA, grocery shopping, social outings and also centre based activities such as baking, multi- sensory room, growing our own vegetables, lunch preparation, beauty time, and household skills teaching.


Rainbow Services

deer1Rainbow Services is a programme for the Elderly based in Deerpark Centre.

We have seventeen people in our programme and we offer a wide range of choices of activities to suit people needs. Activities include Arts and Crafts, Art, Pottery, Swimming, Gardening, Cookery, Computers, Numeracy/ Literacy, Music / Dance, Reminiscence, Pastoral Care, Relaxation, Beauty Therapy, and Community Activities. We encourage people to keep as active as possible and we have a daily exercise programme using our gym every morning. We have weekly Self Advocacy meetings encouraging people to be active participants and making choices about what they want to do incorporating our local Community and its facilities.

We also have Volunteers who visit each week and give individual time to each of the individuals in Rainbow Services.



(Training Opportunities & Personal Education) Resource Centre supports 16 individuals on a full and part time basis. These individuals are supported in a person centred way to participate in community and economic life through meaningful activity in line with their own interests and capabilities. Individuals have the opportunity to participate in varied activities including literacy & numeracy, art, leisure activities, supported employment and sheltered work in TOPE Print.

TOPE Rehabilitative Training is a 3 year programme which is run in partnership with HSE West and with the support of the GRETB. The programme aims to maximise health and social gain for the individuals attending. Learners are supported to develop personal effectiveness and assertiveness skills while participating in a range of subjects including QQI accredited modules and may progress to further training, supported employment or open employment. There are currently 8 individuals attending the programme.


Fia Nua

Fia Nua day service supports individuals with complex needs to have an individualized and meaningful day programme. We endeavour to support each person to build on their own abilities and skills through structured activities, therapy based programmes and community participation that is enjoyable and beneficial to each person.

For admission / application information please click on the link below – link to admissions policy.

Policy on Admissions, Transfers and Discharges (2015) (1)

For information on how to make a complaint please contact the Team Leader or click on the following link.

Complaints Management Policy (2003-06 reviewed 2015) (1)

Research Projects involving Deerpark Services:  None at present.

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Area Manager – Mary Hazlett – 0909642766

Service Coordinator – Anne Dundon – 0909642766