Hello and Welcome from all on the Galway Advocacy Council!

The purpose of the Galway Advocacy Council is to make sure people understand and stand up for their rights.  To make sure our rights are respected. To make sure our voices are heard. To speak for those who cannot speak up themselves. To represent others and to raise issues from local to national level. To meet with the Director of Services and Senior Management regularly and to develop accessible information.




The Galway Advocacy Council was developed as a place for members to come together and and discuss advocacy issues within and beyond the Service. 









The Council members will give their lived experiences of being supported by the BOCSI and this will provide valuable insight for organisational development to be in line with best practice Human Rights UNCRPD legislation and Advocacy. The Galway Advocacy Council is made up of representatives from the East and West Sector and requires representation from all areas in that sector. 





The objective is to ensure people supported by the BOCSI have their voices heard and are leaders in service development and improvement.