The Galway Services Management Team, led by the Director of Services, is responsible for the overall management of the Services. The team meets twice a month. The core principles that inform all management decision-making are defined as:

  • Keeping the person using the services at the centre of everything we do.
  • Proactively supporting the inclusion of people who use the services in the life of their local communities.
  • Striving for the highest possible human dignity in the services.
  • Valuing a high standard of expertise.
  • Integrating the best of current trends in service provision.
  • Willingness to function within a social framework and to work in partnership with the statutory bodies and other agencies.
  • Ensuring that decisions that affect the lives of people are made as close to the frontline as possible.

The table below illustrates the current members of the Galway Services Management Team.

Name Position
Eamon Loughrey Director of Services and Company Secretary
Sean Conneally Sector Manager – Adult East Services
Marina Moore Sector Manager – Adult West Services
Jenny Joyce Children’s Services Programme Manager
Seamus Durkin Head of Finance
Kieran Foley Head of Human Resources
Fiona Coffey Head of Quality Enhancement & Development Department
Mary Davis Head of Psychology Department and Coordinator of Community Services for Children.
Katie Hughes Head of Physiotherapy Department & Representative for Heads of Multidisciplinary Departments
Margaret McCormack Speech and Language (SLT) Therapy Manager



Organisational Chart

Board of Directors

structure 3

Director of Services and Company Secretary

structure 3

Multidisciplinary Departments                          Sectors                                               Organisational Servicesstructure 3                                                     structure 3                                                            structure 3

 Community Nursing                                  Children’s                            Central Administration
 Occupational Therapy                                 Adult West Galway                            Finance – ICT
 Paediatrics                                 Adult East Galway                           Facilities
 Psychiatry                           Human Resources
 Psychology             Quality, Enhancement & Development
 Social Work
 Speech and Language Therapy



General Description of the classes of records held: 

  • Service User files (electronic and/or manual formats)
  • Individual Education Plans
  • Individual Personal Plans
  • Personal Outcomes Files
  • Therapeutic and Medical Interventions
  • Administrative Records and Data
  • Personnel and Pension Files of each centre and / or department
  • Organisational, Financial and Management Reports
  • Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
  • Working Party Reports
  • Minutes of Board of Directors and Galway Services Management Team
  • Correspondence with statutory authorities
  • Correspondence with parents and family members concerning services delivered
  • Correspondence with staff members in each component of the services
  • Volunteer Records
  • Financial Data
  • Insurance and Legal Records
  • Site Maps, Plans & Planning Records
  • Utilities, Equipment, Maintenance and Security Records
  • Information Databases:
    • OLIS – Service User database (incorporating Psychiatry Database; Hazard – Health and Safety database; Personal Outcomes database; Client Protection log; AIRS – Accident/Incident database)
    • PIMS Personnel database; Training database
    • TRANSAC – payroll, travel and payroll and accounting software