The Brothers of Charity Services Galway Research Ethics Committee (REC) was established in 2006. The objective of the Committee is to safeguard the health, welfare and rights of human participants in research that involves service users, parents/guardians and/or staff members of the organisation. For any research proposal to gain ethical approval it must be of a design that minimises predictable risk to both the research participant and the researcher. Ethical approval from the REC is required by individuals who wish to carry out research within Brothers of Charity Services Galway, Springtime Early Intervention Services or the Galway School Age Services, following the realignment process.

The REC is comprised of five members, four of whom are members of staff within the organisation and an additional member who works outside of the organisation. The REC members are:

Susan Kennedy        Psychologist BOCS (Acting Chairperson)

Roisín Howard         Psychologist BOCS

Dr Aoife Whelan      Psychologist BOCS

Mary Seale               Quality, Enhancement and Development Department (QED)

Clare Carroll            Speech & Language Therapy Department, NUIG

REC meetings are held approximately every six weeks. Research proposals must be submitted two weeks prior to meeting dates to allow sufficient time for circulation and review of all documentation by REC members. Only written applications are considered by the Committee. Researchers can not present proposals to the Committee.

2017 Meeting Dates

  • 31st January
  • 28th March
  • 30th May
  • 26th September
  • 28th November

Proposals can be

by completing a copy of application form;


Further information can be obtained from the Brothers of Charity Services website under the “Research” section.

Researchers will receive a written response to their proposal within one week of the meeting at which it was considered. If additional information is required, this should be resubmitted within two weeks. Responses should address each point in turn, as outlined in the Committee’s letter to the researcher. The ethics application form and supporting documentation should be resubmitted along with the researcher’s response and any changes and/or additional information tracked or highlighted for ease of reference.