The Brothers of Charity Services Galway Human Rights Committee (HRC) is an independent body that ensures that due process has been followed whenever individual rights are restricted, either formally or informally, by staff of the Services. The HRC must satisfy itself that the type of any restriction imposed offers the best support to the person and is fair and sound, is considered a temporary rights restriction, and is regularly reviewed.

The HRC is comprised of a panel of eleven members, four of whom are members of the local community (External Members), two service users and five Brothers of Charity Service staff members (Internal Members) including the Secretary of the HRC.  The HRC has an independent chairperson.

All restrictions involving service users are referred to the Secretary of the HRC. A HRC referral form must be completed by the person making the referral to the Committee. This form should be accompanied by any relevant Risk Assessments and Positive Behaviour Support Plans, if in place. Following a screening process appropriate referrals are waitlisted for presentation to the HRC. The Committee meet once a month and consider new referrals and review restrictions that have previously been presented.

Recommendations of the HRC are sent in written format back to the local manager and to the person who initially referred the rights restriction.  A copy of recommendations is sent to the Director of Services and to the Sector Manager.  It is the responsibility of the local manager to consider and implement the recommendations of the Human Rights Committee and /or to appeal to the Director of Services if necessary.

The Committee and its recommendations are an internal process to promote best practice and are not intended to have any legal standing.

Please click on link below to view the Service User Friendly Charter of Rights 2005.

charter of rights 2005

For more information please contact:

Breda Golden, Head of Social Work   091-721400