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Southern Services


Southern Services - Services to Adults

Services to our adult service users include:

  • Day Services
    Caritas Training Centre
    The Brook
    Castleview Training Centre
    Tara Training Centre
    Rosmini Resource Centre
    Campus Day Services, St. Patrick’s, Services, Upton
  • Supported Employment and Living Services
  • Residential services
  • Multidisciplinary Supports
  • Regional residential respite services

    These services provide for adults in the South Lee area and are locally managed by geographical location.

    The Services are organised into Service Communities to promote the principle of more localised, person centred services where relationships can be enhanced. It is hoped that, through development, a greater variety of services will become available, thus promoting the localisation of service provision to the user.

    Services at adults are organised into service communities, viz:-

  • Caritas Training Centre
  • Ard na Laoi Services
  • Crannog Services
  • Castleview Services
  • Tara Services
  • St. Joseph’s Elderly Programme
  • Supported Employment and Supported Living Services
  • St. Patrick’s, Upton, Services
  • Regional Adult Respite Services

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