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Southern Services - Ballincollig CDC

Welcome to the Brothers of Charity Early Intervention Services, Ballincollig, Co. Cork.

What we do:
We provide assessment, diagnostic and intervention services to pre-school children with special needs from birth to 6 years of age.

These include children with an intellectual disability, communication disorder, developmental delay and social and emotional behavioural problems.

Who Provides the Service:
Our service is provided by a multi-disciplinary team who work in partnership with parents to enable the child reach his/her full potential within the family and community. Team members supporting the child and family include:

  • Clinic manager
  • psychologist
  • speech & language therapist
  • child psychiatrist
  • community/domiciliary nurse
  • social worker
  • pre-school therapist
  • family support workers
  • physiotherapist (limited service)

  • What we provide:
    Following assessment, a decision is made in consultation with the family regarding future therapeutic input and interventions required.

    These may include:
  • a home based programme for younger children provided by the Domicilliary/Community Nurse
  • parent/toddler groups
  • attendance at our specialised pre-school
  • resource and information service

    How can I contact the service:

    Referrals can be made through your Paediatrician, Family Doctor, Speech & Language Therapist, Area Medical Officer. Parents can also contact the Ballincollig service directly by contacting Mary Mulcahy, Clinic Manager at:
    Tel 021.4873117
    Fax 021.4873117

    For more information go to: Early Intervention Services Model of Service

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