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Psychologists work to promote best possible emotional and behavioural health. Psychologists working at the Brothers of Charity Services (BOC) Galway may complete assessments to provide information about your or your family member’s strengths as well as areas that need further support. We also provide interventions directly with a person with intellectual disability and /or via family members, staff members, teachers and others who work with a person on a daily basis.

Psychologists at BOC Galway work on interagency Early Intervention Disability Teams, School Age Disability Teams, and Adult Service Teams.

We work in close partnership with colleagues across other disciplines so that a cohesive coordinated service is provided.

Depending on the service need, we also work with other service providers who may be involved in supporting a person so that the best supports are provided and outcomes obtained.

Access to the Psychology Service is open to all individuals admitted to Brothers of Charity Services Galway. Referrals to the Service may be via the HSE, health care professionals located at other agencies, General Practitioners, hospitals, family members, and staff members located at BOC Galway. Access is based on the needs of the person, the suitability of the service to meet those needs, and the availability of Services.

Any complaint regarding any aspect of the service can be discussed in the first instance with the employee providing the service or the Manager of the Service. Formal complaints should be made to the complaints office for the Psychology Department (Dr. Mary Davis, Head of Psychology Department) or to the Director of Services. The Complaints Policy and Procedures is available by clicking on the below link.

Complaints Management Policy (2003-06 reviewed 2015) (1)

BOC Galway is a partner organization in the Springtime Early Intervention Service  The Springtime Early Intervention service aims to provide a high quality, responsive service to children aged up to 6 years. Any feedback, compliments, and/or complaints can be provided verbally, in writing, or by completing the, ‘Your Service Your Say’ form, which is available through your keyworker or any team member. Further information on any of the Springtime Early Intervention Policies, Procedures,

Protocols and Guidelines are available to you on request.

Research Projects involving the Psychology Department:

A number of members of the Psychology Department are active in the area of research and have presented findings at professional conferences. Some members of the Psychology Department have published articles in peer reviewed professional journals.

Dr. Mary Davis coordinated a research project with an interdisciplinary and interagency research team in the area of Supporting Adults with Intellectual Disability in Health Care Decision making (2011-2014).

At present, BOC Galway is the National pilot site for the introduction of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) with people who experience Intellectual Disability. This project is part funded by the HSE’s national DBT project office. A major outcomes study is underway (2014-2016) via the HSE and psychologists from BOC Galway (Dr. Hazel Moore and Geraldine Cregg) and service users are participants.

Psychologists, Marie Walsh and Geraldine Cregg from the BOC Galway Psychology Department have published a manual via pavilion publishers in the UK which can be accessed via this link: -safe/

Personal Development, Relationships and Staying safe, a training pack for staff supporting adults with intellectual disabilities and complex needs by Marie Walsh and Geraldine Cregg (2015), Pavilion, London.

A sample of research related presentations delivered:

  • Davis, M.J., Conneally, S., Loughney, A. (2015). An interagency and systemic approach to the introduction of DBT to persons with Intellectual Disability. Paper presented at the Psychological Society of Ireland Conference, Galway, Ireland.


  • Davis, M.J., Patton, E., Golden, B., Healy, M., Kennelly, M., & Walsh, M. (2014).   Working in a multidisciplinary team to support adults with intellectual disability and case presentation. Presentation at College of Psychiatrists of Ireland, Summer School, Brothers of Charity Services, Galway, Ireland.


  • Davis, M.J., & Dolly, A. (2013). Supporting adults with intellectual disability in health care decision making: An interdisciplinary approach. Paper presented at Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Bill (2013): Implications for Psychologists, St. Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.


  • Davis, M.J., Dolly, A., Keating, M., Lenehan, B., & Walsh, M. (2013). Working in a multidisciplinary team supporting adults with intellectual disability and co-morbid mental health conditions. Presentation at College of Psychiatrists of Ireland, Summer School, Brothers of Charity Services, Galway, Ireland.


  • Davis, M.J. (2013).  Person Centred Services: Use of the Supports Intensity Scale. Paper presented at the St. John of God, Conference Centre, Stilorgan, Dublin, Ireland.


  • Davis, M.J., & Dolly, A., Mahon, A. (2012) Building capacity to make decisions about health care needs, National Federation of Voluntary Bodies, Sharing Innovative Learning Event, The decision is mine but you can support me”, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland


  • Walsh, M. (2015). Evaluation of the benefits for staff and service users, following staff completing the one day training programme on ‘Personal Development , Relationships and Staying Safe’, Paper presented at Psychological Society of Ireland Conference, Galway, Ireland.


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Dr Mary Davis,

Registered Clinical Psychologist, Head of Psychology Department,

091 721400


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