Galway Advocacy Structure

Meetings take place regularly (every 2-6 weeks) in houses and centres throughout Galway. Local Issues are discussed, issues are brought to the area Team leaders attention where it is hoped that they are solved locally. At these meetings, local representives feedback on minutes of the Regional meetings.

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Information and issues that are not solved locally are brought to the Service User Council meetings in Woodlands, Galway. Local representative’s feedback issues from their Area to the Directors of Services, Anne Geraghty, Sean Conneely and Ann Loughney. Local representatives feedback information of these meetings at their House/centre meetings.

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Information and issues that are of National interest are brought by 3 Galway Advocates to the National meetings were the 6 regions of the Brothers of Charity are represented, South East, Roscommon, Clare, Limerick, Cork and Galway. Feedback on meetings by Galway Advocates at regional meetings.

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