Meeting Dates for 2018

15th May – West Services Users Forum

16th May – East Services Users Forum

23rd May – Meeting with Director of Services/Managers


25th September – West Services Users Forum

26th September – East Services Users Forum

3rd October – Meeting with Director of Services/Managers


13th November – West Services Users Forum

14th November – East Services Users Forum

21st November – East Services Users Forum

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Meeting Dates for 2017 

September 19th          West Service Users Forum

September 20th         East Service Users Forum

September 27th         Meeting Director of Services & Managers


November 21st           West Service Users Forum

November 22nd         East Service Users Forum

November 29th          Meeting Director of Services & Managers

(West Sector Ann Loughney/East Sector Sean Conneally)


Venue for all meetings is Woodlands Centre, Renmore, Galway.

Tea/Coffee at 11:00a.m. Meeting from 11:30a.m. – 1:30p.m.




Important Dates for 2016

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24th  February Service Users Forum
2nd March Meeting with Directors.
25th May Service Users Forum
8th June Meeting with Directors.
14th September Service Users Forum
21st September Meeting with Directors.
23rd November                                                      30th November Service Users Forum                Meeting with Directors.


ad pic 4Tea/coffee at 10.30am

ad pic 6Meeting  11am – 1pm.

ad pic 7All meetings are held in Woodlands Centre, Galway